Our History

The story of how H2H was born

In 2020 the Local Government Association approached CC2i Ltd to run a Social Care Digital Innovation Accelerator (SCDIA), the intention of which was to identify key pain points in Social Care, and then to bring organisations together to co-fund and co-design solutions to these issues. 
CC2i wrote out to the heads of adult social care across England and the number one issue that came back by far was D2A. 
CC2i wrote out again to the Local Authorities and a number put up their hand to be involved and in the end five were selected, North Lincs, Sutton, Herefordshire, Birmingham and Southend. The five LA’s contributed funding and this was matched by the LGA and NHS Digital to develop H2H. 
Maldaba Ltd were chosen as the technical partner and they led the project and developed the solution. 
Once Hospital to Home was ready for market (March 2021), Tech in Care Ltd was formed to own the product and to drive it forward.
Maldaba are the technical supplier for H2H and CC2i are the commercialisation supplier so both are still very much involved in H2H along with Tech in Care. 
Hospital To Home About CC2i

CC2i is a public sector co-funding and collaboration platform enabling public sector bodies to co-fund solutions to their shared digital challenges. CC2i is a different way of approaching public sector technology, one where sharing the risk, the cost and pooling subject matter expertise ensures that solutions meet the widest possible public sector requirements.

Hospital To Home About Maldaba

Maldaba works with public sector bodies and not-for-profit organisations to deliver innovative solutions to complex problems. Since 2002, they have applied their expertise in strategic design, research and product development to deliver award-winning solutions, which are both scalable and offer measurable benefits in terms of digital transformation.


This is what people are saying about Hospital to Home!

“Hospital to Home provides the one version of the truth. It’s really stimulated a different conversation. We’re having system conversations now because everyone can see the right information, at the right time, they can see progress, so that people are discharged home safely.” Wendy Lawtey, Head of Adult Social Care and Performance, North Lincolnshire Council

Hospital to Home - North Lincolnshire Council
Hospital to Home - Sutton

Hospital to Home is a great opportunity and genuine improvement. There are so many advantages of Hospital to Home. All sorts of cost benefits, but I see those as a by-product. If there is one version of the truth – and all partners have access to it – it gives a greater understanding and avoids confusion that can sometimes happen particularly when people are working under pressure”. Luke Addams, Assistant Director of ASC, LB Sutton

“The introduction of H2H has really helped us, it’s a really active, live system. Lists have been the bane of our lives in D2A, now there are no delays in paperwork, it gives us – and partners – all the information we need to ensure someone is home and that they have been assessed and that their needs are being met safely.” Kelly Siddons, Head of Adult Social Care and Performance, North Lincolnshire Council

Hospital to Home - North Lincolnshire Council

“This is a fantastic digital platform that will transform your D2A pathway from a clunky, fragmented, inefficient, high cost system into a fully functioning, intelligent, integrated, efficient, and financially sustainable system…
Hospital to home – is all about knowing your patient/ service user – connecting people to the right information, in the right place , at the right time.
I highly recommend the Hospital to Home – Digital Discharge to Assess platform, not only does it save time and money, it also produces better patient outcomes. at lower cost!”
Lee Fermandel, Interim Head of Service, Hammersmith and Fulham Council

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