Business Case

Local authorities involved in the co-design of Hospital To Home cited a digital system offering them savings between 30-50% on administration, plus mobile working benefits, improved system wide resource planning and internal reporting benefits.

With anywhere between 10-150 active discharges being managed by councils on a daily basis, Hospital To Home enables D2A professionals to see the status of all patients in real time and plan accordingly.

Discharge to Assess Numbers & Hours

Number of D2As pa/per local authority involved (range due to size of LA partners)

3,330 – 18,250

Average hours taken to manage each analogue D2A


Average hours saved per digital D2A by using H2H


Annual hours saved per LA on D2A caseloads

7,659 – 41,975

Current Discharge to Assess Costs

Average hours per analogue D2A


Average hourly rate of D2A professionals


Average cost per analogue D2A


Typical Hospital To Home Savings

% Reduction of administration


Local authority administration saving per D2A


Reduction in Acute Bed Nights per D2A

1 bed night saved every 2 D2As

Saving of Acute Bed provision per D2A


Hospital To Home offers each D2A organisation a distinct business case and clear set of benefits. If you would like a business case drawn up please click below.

The challenge of Discharge to Assess & the benefits of Hospital to Home

Discharge to Assess is a complicated, multi-agency process fraught with inefficiencies which affect health and care team, but more importantly patients. In this 16 minute video below North Lincolnshire and Sutton Councils talk about the D2A process now, what has changed in light of the pandemic, how Hospital to Home came about and the benefits it is bringing their D2A teams and health and care partners.

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