Discharge to Assess (D2A) and Intermediate Care (IC) Landscape Review

Understand the problem and maximise the Hospital to Home solution! 

What's the problem?

  • We recognise the tremendous effort that is currently given to D2A and IC processes. There is a huge willingness to get patients out of hospital and back home with the care packages in place that they need for their recovery. However we know from the discovery work that we have done in developing Hospital to Home (H2H) that the current D2A and IC processes are often fractured, inefficient, and involve multiple manual processes resulting in duplicated data sets and a lack of clarity on the ‘single source of truth’. 
  • There are multiple organisations involved in the D2A and IC processes from NHS, Local Authority, third party providers and voluntary and charity organisations and collaboration between these organisations throughout the person’s journey is a challenge due to multiple channels of communication and often multiple, off system spreadsheets.
  • Unpicking these processes and understanding where the pain point is in the process and the route cause of the issues is a challenge which takes time, effort and resource. 

What can we bring to this challenge?

  • We have deep & broad subject matter expertise of D2A and IC processes gained from working with five councils and their NHS partners to design Hospital to Home. 
  • We will bring insight informed by the learnings we have made to give you the best chance of creating positive change
  • We can help you build your case for change and why it is needed to improve patient experience and provision of service
  • We will provide valuable evidence for justifying decision making and a clear business case for change 
  • You will keep all outputs from this review – it is not contingent on any further business relating to the Hospital to Home platform
  • We know what ‘good’ can look like – and can share this insight directly with you

Scope of Work

  • Identify what is happening right now:
    • What are your D2A and IC processes? 
    • Who is doing what, when and how? 
    • What are the manual processes and systems involved? 
    • What are the pain points and impacts on your patients? 
  • Map where you want to get to and where the benefits are to be realised: 
    • What does good look like for D2A and IC? 
    • What are the improvements and benefits you want to unlock for patient care? 
    • What are the savings you can make by improving the process? 
  • Understanding your ecosystem and planning how you communicate and engage with your partners and providers 
  • Provide you with what you need to know to plan your implementation of a digital solution and harness resource

What we will Deliver

  • As-Is process maps which document the current situation, who is involved, how they are working, and the manual and technical systems involved 
  • To-Be process maps which articulate what good looks like, which provide a blueprint for a future operating model. 
  • The patient benefits and organisational savings that can be realised from a change in approach 
  • Stakeholder mapping and an engagement plan of who needs to be brought along on the change journey 
  • Solution implementation plan of how you can embed a digital solution into your organisation

The Commitment

  • Depending on your requirements, we anticipate between 10 – 20 days of work for your review. We will work with you to scope out the activity and provide you with a quote
  • We ask you to work with us to access the right people in your organisation and partner organisations to be able to effectively run workshops to understand your processes 
  • We would expect to run 2-3 workshops covering People, Process and Technology. Outputs would be shared for review with all involved. 
  • A dedicated point of contact within your organisation to work closely with us and help facilitate the process
  • No commitment required to H2H beyond this initial review phase and you will keep all of the outputs produced

We are here to help

Get in touch with us if you need help understanding where you are right now, and making the case to change you D2A and IC processes!